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The Ethical Code (or simply Code) assumed by the Board of Directors of group So.Se.PHARM Srl individualizes the business values, underlining the whole of the rights, of the duties and of the responsibilities of all those people that, to any title, operates in So.Se.PHARM Srl, towards all the external interlocutors, what the employees, the advisors, the agents, the commercial partners, the public administration, the employees of public administration, the shareholders and, in general, all the subjects tied by a relationship of collaboration with the firm. The adoption of the present Code is expression of a business context where primary objective is that to satisfy, in the best of the ways, the necessities and the expectations of the interlocutors of So.Se.PHARM Srl, aiming to recommend and to promote an elevated standard of professionalism and to forbid that behaviours that are not only set in contrast with the normative dispositions, time by time remarkable, but also with the values that So.Se.PHARM Srl intends to promote. This Code constitutes integral part of the ‘Model of organization, management and follow-up’ foreseen by the art. 6 of the Legislative Decree 231/2001 in subject of "Discipline of the administrative responsibility of the legal entities." The document is completed with the contents of the Code of Ethics of Farmindustria which So.Se.PHARM Srl being a certified member. The observance of the Ethical Code is indiscriminately submitted to all the collaborators of the society.

A - The business values

So.Se.PHARM Srl ’s group  adopts as an unavoidable principle the respect of current laws and regulations, and each employee must strive to observe them. This commitment must be valid for suppliers, customers and anyone who has relationships with So.Se.PHARM Srl. Srl The company will not start or continue relations with anyone who does not intend to commit to the principle of rigorous respect for the law. Moreover, ethics does not simply involve the need to identify what is legal in a given situation, but it also requires one to do what is morally correct when doing business without compromising on moral principles (honesty, legality, loyalty, reliability, reciprocal respect and dignity, responsibility, transparency). Who works at So.Se.PHARM Srl must act with integrity and be frank, honest and fair in all aspects of their work, and expect the same behaviour from everyone they do business with.

The general principles refer to:

  • Development of human resources and personal integrity
  • Legality
  • Confidentiality
  • Responsibility towards patients
  • Honesty and correctness
  • Transparency
  • Fight against corruption and conflict of interest
  • Product and service quality
  • Impartiality
  • Environmental protection
  • Equity of authority
  • Shareholder relations

B - Remarkable areas

  • Conformity to the law
  • Personal duties
  • Safeguard of the business affairs
  • Equitable treatment
  • Use and protection of the resources and of the business information, also under the profile of the phenomena of insider trading or internal dealing
  • Correctness in the relationships with the Public Administration
  • Competition

The Ethical Code is applied to all the business activities and constitutes point of reference for the regulation adopted by the societies of the GROUP. So.Se.PHARM Srl manages the diffusion of the contained dispositions in the present Code, so that all those people that entertain relationships with the firm know these business standards and understand contents of it and finality.

C - Norms and standard of behaviour

Main principles in the politics toward the collaborators. Protection of the dignity, health and safety in the working place. So.Se.PHARM Srl is committed to offer equal opportunities of job without distinctions based on race, religion, opinions, nationality, sex, physical conditions, age, and social conditions. So.Se.PHARM Srl, besides covering a role of avant-garde in the protection of the human health and of the environment, promotes and protects the health of its own collaborators. So.Se.PHARM Srl manages the technical, professional and human formation of its own collaborators.
Main principles to be followed by the collaborators.

D - The conformity to the law

The conformity of the behaviours to the law is a requisite that can not be derogated for So.Se.PHARM Srl and for all of its collaborators. Every collaborator has to know of the implications of law related to its activity. The behaviour of the collaborators of So.Se.PHARM Srl, over that to be in tuning with the business politics, has to found upon principles of collaboration, responsibility, professionalism and diligence. Whereas the coherence among the norms of professional diligence and law is not of immediate understanding, is emphasised ability of judgment and good/common sense; every collaborator will consult and will receive suggestions and indications from the respective responsible persons and from the legal service, where necessary.

E - Duties and responsibility

1. conflict of interest

The collaborators of So.Se.PHARM Srl have to also respect the rules of the present Code in the relationships toward the outside: particularly the collaborators have to inform in right way the third of the content of the dispositions of the Code with the purpose to demand the respect of its own behaviour.
The collaborators of So.Se.PHARM Srl have to avoid situations that can create conflicts of interest either real or potential among personal and business activity; insofar transparency, trust and integrity are values that have to be in every case respected. No employee of So.Se.PHARM Srl, can raise, besides, personal advantages in relationship to the activity carried on behalf of So.Se.PHARM Srl.
Whereas can rise situations of potential conflict, fundamental will be the communication among the collaborator and his/her own superior to the purpose of the resolution of the matter.

2. the business information: use and protection

The reservation of the information is a duty that So.Se.PHARM Srl also protects through his/her own collaborators: every information obtained by a collaborator in relationship to his/her own activity is of property rights of So.Se.PHARM Srl. The data that concern the people will be treated in the respect of actual laws. The collaborators that come to knowledge of information of not public dominion have to use the maximum caution and care in to use such information, avoiding the popularization of it to people not authorized, both to the inside, and to the outside of the firm. For information reserved, for example, are intended: the technical information related to products and procedures; the programs of purchase; the strategies of costs, of the prices, of marketing or of services; reports on the income and other non public financial relationships; information related to sales, merging and acquisitions. The relative information to activity of research in scientific and technological ambit can be exchanged, only after the tools of protection of the industrial property rights have been ready in conformity with the business procedures and, only after the opportune means of protection of the confidentiality with university, institutes of search public and private, hospital corporate body have been prepared. In such context So.Se.PHARM Srl respects the academic prerogatives and the traditions of its partners, as the demand of the researchers of publishing the results of their studies, accepted as a fact, the protection of the industrial property rights. The computer treatment of the information is submitted to the necessary safety follow-ups to safeguard the society from undue intrusions or from uses illegitimate. The destruction of the material or electronic abutments of the information has to happen in the respect of the procedures that regulate the subject and in the limits foreseen by the law.

3. recordings, accounting records and crimes in corporate subject
All the actions and the operations of So.Se.PHARM Srl must have a suitable recording and the verification of the process of decision, of authorization and of carrying out has to be always possible. Every operation has to have a suitable abutment of documents with the purpose to be able to proceed in any moment to the execution of follow-ups that attests the characteristics and the motivations of the operation and individualizes the subjects that have authorized, effected, recorded and verified the same operation.
The accounting records have to be kept in accurate, complete and timely way in the respect of the business procedures in subject of accounting, to the purpose to perform a believer representation of the patrimonial /financial situation and of the activity of management. To such end all the employees involved in the accounting records have to assure the maximum collaboration, the completeness and clarity of the furnished information, as well as the accuracy of the data and the elaborations. For accounting records are intended all the documentations that numerically represent managerial facts, included the in-house notes of reimbursement expenses. It is made express prohibition to prevent or to hinder, through the hiding of documents or other fit artifices, the carrying out of the activities of follow-up or revision legally attributed to the partners to other social organs or to the societies of revision. It is made prohibition to set in a simulated or fraudulent behaviour finalized to determine the majority in meeting to the purpose to get an unfair profit to itself or to others. Similarly expressly forbidden it is the behaviour to spread false news or to set in simulated operations or any other artifice concretely able to provoke a tender alteration of the price of the stock titles of So.Se.PHARM Srl. It is also made prohibition to expose to the public authorities of vigilance, in the anticipated communications in base to the law and with the purpose to hinder the exercise of the functions of vigilance, not done material in conformity with to the truth, even if object of evaluation, on the economic, property or financial situation of So.Se.PHARM Srl, or to hide with other means fraudulent facts what they would have had to communicate. Such principle must also be observed in relationship to information related to possessed good or administered by So.Se.PHARM Srl on behalf of third. It is not able, in any form, knowingly to hinder the functions of the public authorities of vigilance. It is fact prohibition to complete illegitimate operations on the actions or social quotas or of the controlling society finally and to complete operations in prejudice of the creditors of which to the articles 2628 and 2629 Italian civil code.

4. relationships with the Public Administration, political organizations and labour unions
The relationships with the Public Institutions will be kept only from the functions to this authorized. Particularly all the relationships that involve the business functions with the Public Administration must have conformed to principles of diligence, transparency and honesty. The collaborators of So.Se.PHARM Srl have to hold behaviour inspired to the maximum correctness and integrity in the relationships with employees and representatives of public corporations, political and unions forces. Expenses of representation and homage towards dependent public and officials, always that of moderate value, have to be conforming to the general procedures of So.Se.PHARM Srl in order to the expenses, over that to the laws and norms of the involved public corporations. It is not allowed to offer money or gifts to executives however, officials or dependent of the Public Administration or to them relatives, are Italian that of other countries, except that you deal with gifts or utility of use of moderate value. It is prohibited to offer or to accept any object, service, performance or favour of value to get a more favourable treatment in relationship to any relationship entertained with the Public Administration.
In the specific case of the execution of a Tender organised with the Public Administration it will be had to operate in the respect of the law and the correct business practice. If So.Se.PHARM Srl uses an advisor or a third subject to be represented in the relationships toward the Public Administration, towards such subject the same directives are applied imparted to the employees of So.Se.PHARM Srl. So.Se.PHARM Srl won't have to make to be represented in the relationships with the Public Administration from a third subject when conflicts of interest can be created. The norms that take in the contents of international conventions in the single national legislations must tightly be observed. The norms above mentioned cannot even be eluded through third.

5. relationships with the suppliers
The choice of the suppliers and the purchase of good and services are effected by the special business functions in evaluations base objective around competitiveness, quality, inexpensiveness, price, integrity.

6. relationships with the press and a the other means of communication
So.Se.PHARM Srl has individualized special functions devoted for the administration in accurate and homogeneous way of the relationships with the mass media, according to as how much foreseen by specific business dispositions. The collaborators have to abstain from releasing to representatives of the press or other means of communication and to any third declarations or interviews or in every case leave to slip out news about the firm.

7. relationships with the health care professionals
The collaborators of So.Se.PHARM Srl conform their behaviour to the Code of conduct of Farmindustria (Association of Italian Pharmaceutical Industry) and to the possible other specific norms that the Society had to adopt to the respect.

8. sanctions
The whole these rules is integral part of the conditions that regulates the relationships of job in the firms of the GROUP: the contained rules in the Ethical Code are expression of the behaviour that the employee is kept to observe, in virtue of the present civil and penal laws and of the obligations foreseen by the collective bargaining.
So.Se.PHARM Srl reserves to appraise under the profile disciplinary behaviours contrary to the contained directives in the present code.

F - Competition

So.Se.PHARM Srl considers the competition a thing to protect and looks after the observance of the provisions of the law in subject of protection of the market.
The agreements among enterprises and however all the situations that can have a perversion effect on the competition, particularly the accords that contain clauses of exclusiveness, ties to the determination of the price, territorial restrictions are subject to the antitrust legislation. The verification of legal experts has to preventively be in demand in every case of potential conflict with the antitrust rules.

G - The follow-ups

The system of in-house follow-up must have directed to the adoption of tools and methodologies directed to oppose the potential business risks, with the purpose to not only determine a reasonable guarantee around the respect of the laws, but also of the dispositions and in-house procedures.
In such context it is inserted the planning of the formation that has to concern the contents of the Ethical Code, made of all the business collaborators available.
The management has to constantly look after the conformity of the behaviours to how much suitable in the Code and, if necessary, to realize special programs of verification.
Organs proceeded to the verification of the effectiveness of the system of in-house follow-up are: the Board of Administration; the President and Managing director, and the function of Auditing of GROUP.

F - Application of the Code

This Code of Behaviour must be applied in every Society of the GROUP So.Se.PHARM Srl.
The responsibility of the application is submitted to the Boards of directors of the single controlled societies. ,

Click here to download Code of Ethics of Farmindustria (

Disclosure of transfers of value from the pharmaceutical industry to healthcare professionals and healthcare organizations: Responsible Transparency
Starting from June 30, the information regarding the relationship between our company So.Se.PHARM S.r.l and healthcare professionals and organizations, is going to be publicly available on our website.
As a member of Farmindustria we fully support the principle of absolute transparency of the interactions between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals  by adopting  the Disclosure Code, in implementation of EFPIA Code ( European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations ).
The collaboration between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals is divided into different areas of activity:

  1. Research and development of new drugs through clinical studies performed in hospitals, universities and public and private health facilities;
  2. Scientific advice;
  3. Seminars and scientific conferences, which offer information and updates;
  4. Support to conferences and ECM courses (Continuous Medical Education) organized by public institutions, universities, scientific societies and accredited ECM providers.

Collaborative working between the parties has long been a positive driver for advancements in patient care and progression of innovative medicine, making an important contribution to the pharmaceutical industry’s efforts to improve the quality of patient care, with benefits for individuals and society at large.
Besides being based on integrity and mutual respect, these relationships are highly disciplined by the national and the international regulatory framework, ensuring the compliance to the code of practice of the pharmaceutical industry.
The data published are in full compliance with the Personal Data Protection Italian Legislation.
You can have access to the data on an individual basis or aggregated on a category-by-category basis on our website.